Plowing History

Farmers used different kinds of Plow. With one kind, the farmer walked behind a horse-drawn plow, steering the plow and keeping the blades to the right soil depth to create a Furrow. A riding plow allowed the farmer to ride on the equipment but with a steel seat and wheels, it was a rough ride.

Written by Claudia Reinhardt.

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Dean Buller“There was what they called a gang plow. You had two bottoms on that, and you had three wheels on that, and then you had a seat on that. And you put four horses on that. Then you had a trip on it where you pushed with your foot. And then you had to raise it out [of the soil] on the end [of a row]. And then you had two handles on that – some of them had three – and then you could adjust how deep you wanted to go.” — Dean Buller

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