Farming History

Class Information

Our programs are adaptable for all ages!

Every visit to the farm involves kinesthetic learning!

  • Scavenger hunts are a fun way to spend your extra time. Available on any visit!
  • There are spaces available on the farm to have your lunch, so pack the cooler and make a day of it!
  • Good, old- fashioned fun and games, available to you before of after your class!
  • Our gentle animals allow students to feed and groom them. Animal time may be worked into any visit!

Animals on the Farm

  • Offered spring through fall
  • Suggested for Pre-K to 1st Grade, 1 hr.

Meet the animals! Our gentle, miniature barn animals need to be fed and groomed, and the chickens too! Help us gather eggs and prepare them for the market. Learn why each animal is important to the farm!

Planting Miracles

  • Suggested for Pre-K to 5th Grade, 2 hrs.
  • Offered in the spring and summer

Help us bring the farm to life! The gardens, fields and flower beds all have a special place on the farm. From bees and butterflies to livestock and the people who care for them, see why they are all important and fun! Learn how itty bitty seed turns into a living, breathing plant. Get your fingernails dirty and help our miracles along!

Christmas on the Farm

  • Suggest for 2nd Grade, 2 hrs.
  • Offered on December weekdays

Experience Christmas as a child on a 1920s farm! What would your role have been? Which traditions are still the same, which are different? Pop popcorn on the wood stove, tour the houses, all decorated for the season, and see what kind of gifts you’d find under the tree. Play the games you might have played, and be inspired by the holiday charm of the 20s.

Earth, Water & Sky

  • Suggested for 3rd Grade +, 2hrs.
  • Offered spring through fall

Taking care of our planet is a big responsibility! Through experiments and activities, see how our choices affect the soil our food is grown in, the water we drink, and the air we breathe. Find out what the agriculture industry is doing to protect our resources.

Farm Tour

  • Suggested for all ages, 2-4 hrs.
  • Offered spring through fall

This is a great option for any class or group. Tour the farm, the church and the schoolhouses, climb up on the tractors in the tractor building, and visit the animals! See a little bit of everything, rather than focusing on one area or topic. Hands-on activities are available along the tour. A wagon ride may be planned to tour the perimeter of the farmstead.

lr0102School Days

  • Suggested for 4th Grade, 2-4 hrs.
  • Offered January through October

Hang your books by their leather straps, dip your pens in ink wells, test your knowledge at the spelling bee, and more! From the start of the day to the final bell, experience a day as a student in the 20s.

Best & Worst of Times

  • Suggests for Middle School +, 3 hrs.
  • Offered spring through fall

Compare and contrast the “best of times” and the “worst of times” on the farm during the two decades of the 20s & 30s. Tour and experience a prosperous family farm. Discuss the advancement in agriculture. Learn how the 30s were very different. Follow the choices made by the people who lived at that time and see where it takes them. Students will walk away with a great introduction to economics.

Farm Life, 20s & Before

  • Suggested for 5th Grade +, 2hrs.
  • Offered spring through fall

How was a farmstead planned? How much land was there? How did the farmer and his family become self-sufficient and live off the land? How were the buildings constructed? These questions will be answered as the students tour the farm and try their hands at cornhusking and shelling, gathering eggs, feeding and watering the animals, and more. A tour of the farmhouse provides a myriad of interact demonstrations of artifacts used by the farm family.

Welcome to my Kitchen

  • Suggested for Middle School +, 4 hrs.
  • Offered January through October

A delicious typical dinner (lunch) is totally prepared and enjoyed by the students. They use dishes, utensils and wood stove in the 1920s kitchen of the farm house. The kitchen with all of its gadgets is a classroom in itself. The rest of the house may be toured as well. *Cost is $20 per person plus the cost of food.


Cost per student is $3 per instructional hour. Additional fees apply to classes which require extra supplies. The farm is available for lunch and free time at no additional charge. Contact us today to customize your visit.