Social and Community Activities

Summer – Social and Community Activities

HollisSummer wasn’t all work and no play on 1920s farms. The warm months brought many social gatherings – neighbor helping neighbor with the harvest, visiting with friends at church ice cream socials, and trips to town. On Saturday nights, small towns were usually packed with people. Farm families went to town to sell eggs and cream and stayed to visit with friends, or go to an outdoor band concert or a movie. Some children who lived in town could afford roller skating and other sports and games. Children who lived in the country usually went horseback riding, built playhouses in the corncrib, or went swimming or fishing in a nearby creek.

huge crowds

Chautauqua events drew huge crowds.

In the summer, towns hosted public entertainment events known as the Chautauqua. People came from miles around to the huge Chautauqua tent for lectures, plays, musical concerts and other cultural entertainment. Country and city folk enjoyed going to horse races in the summer, and everyone looked forward to July 4th fireworks.

Written by Claudia Reinhardt.

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