waiting for you at Exit 353!  


Darcy the miniature long-horn… always hungry!

And the mini horses, donkey, goats and bunny all like treats too!  

Spend some time with our gentle animals!


Manure spreader rides! 

This “country limo” will show you the sites around the farm!  

Take a spin on a one-of-a-kind ride, complete with seat cushions! 


Good old-fashioned farm work! 

Test your skills as a farm kid of the 1920s!  


Great places for hide-and-seek!

There are a lot of great places to explore on the farm.  See what you can find on our scavenger hunt!


Room to stretch your legs…

We have all kinds of space- play some vintage family games or run barefoot through our lawn! 

When you see the water tower at Exit 353,

take some time to experience life on a 1920s farm.  

We’ll have the lemonade ready for you!