Welcome to our farm!   Would you be interested in a cornmeal cookie and a glass of lemonade?  Come on in, we’ll tell you a story about Dave Wessels and his dream to preserve the simple life of a Nebraska farmer.  While you’re here, you could help us shell some corn, feed the animals, and gather the eggs.   

At Wessels Living History Farm, you won’t look at things from behind glass windows or barriers.  We are a real, working farm, with chores to do every day and opportunities to do some hands-on learning!   Would you like to help us in the garden?  The tomato plants are overflowing, help yourselves!  

People often ask us if we live here.  No, this home is no longer lived in- not the way you think of a home being lived in- but the question is a testament to how “real” Wessels Living History Farm feels to our guests, and we take it as a compliment!  Oh yes, we cook with the wood stove.  And we churn our butter when we need to.  We tend to the garden and tinker with the antique tractors.  If you join us during a special event, we may even be doing a little blacksmith work, planting with the check row planter, or harvesting our oats!