In this discipline, Nebraska’s 2003 Teacher of the Year explores ways to bring reading and writing alive for students.

  • Memories of School Days asks students to read and listen to the interviews with adults who were students during the Depression and invites them to do their own interviews with older family members. There is even instruction on how to publish a valuable community resource.
  • Migration from Dust combines the stories of the dust bowl migrants with Doris Gate’s book Blue Willow to explore how real life experiences can become literature.
  • Rural Voices Through Photography uses photographs from the Farm Security Administration, poetry, historical fiction and non-fiction to prompt students to produce their own scrapbook of photos and stories.
  • The President’s Song helps students remember all of the Presidents through history and write creatively by adding their own verses.
  • Horsing Around. In the 1930s, most farmers still farmed with horses, and this lesson uses horse stories to have some “serious fun” and expand students’ vocabularies.


Memories of School Days


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