How to QT

How to Use QuickTime Movies in a Classroom

Podcasts. The podcast files that you see here will automatically download to your computer when you click the link. These movies are copyrighted © 2007 by the Wessels Living History Farm, but permission is granted to educators and other users to display the video segments to the public for non-profit uses. All other rights are reserved.After you have downloaded the video podcasts from this site, you can either play the files from your computer using a QuickTime player program, or you can download the movies to a video-capable iPod device. The video iPod can be attached to a video projector or TV set using an inexpensive cable going from a mini-plug to three RCA plugs (video, right audio and left audio). The video iPod can also be attached to the project using the Apple Universal Dock and an S-video cable.

We would suggest that these video podcasts be used in conjunction with the other stories on this web site. Take a look at the Learner Resources for suggested lesson plans. And in the meantime, enjoy.