Farming History


Thank you to all our guests, who traveled from near and far to share the day with us, Thank you to all our dedicated volunteers- we couldn’t have managed without you! Thank you to all the community partners who were involved in one way or another, through donation of services, time or otherwise!

It was a GREAT day on the farm, and will be something we talk about for years to come!  We have already received numerous emails, Google, Facebook and TripAdvisor reviews, and appreciate all of those as well. Thank you for purchasing our eclipse shirts!  We hope you have fun wearing them, and even more fun explaining to people where York Nebraska is!!

We were incredibly surprised and impressed to find only a handful of trash in the entire hay field after all of the vehicles had cleared out!  WOW!  What an amazing gathering of people- the respect you have shown to our little farm is great.  I personally will remember this event as the largest we’ve had at the farm, and somehow also the most calm, enjoyable event!  Here are some pictures of our day!  If you have great photos of our event, please share them with us!!  Hillary Mundt