YorkHere’s what’s going on at the Farm right now.

[This page may take a moment to load a Java applet and connect.]

On this page you can see both live and recorded views from the Wessels Living History Farm. You can even control the camera on the roof of the barn.

Time Lapse Movie

buttonLightningwebcamQueueHere’s how to control the camera: First, when this page loaded, you should see live video in your Java browser. Click the “Start Control” button. You will either be given control right away or, if others are already webcamStartin control, be placed in the queue. If the box above the button turns green, you’re in control and the box will tell you how much time you have left. If you get the heads icon, it means that you’re on the waiting list and the numbers tell you how much time until you’re in control.

See what a spring thunderstorm looks like.

Time Lapse Movie

buttonSunsetwebcamZmTo control what you’re looking at, you click within the picture itself. Click on the right side of the picture, and the camera will move right. Or you can use the scroll bars on the side and bottom to control the pan or tilt. To control the zoom range of the camera, use the scroll bar to the far right. The single tree icon means that you’re zoomed IN all the way. The three trees means you’re zoomed out or shooting with a wide angle lens.

This is a sunset in May.

webcamBackBacklight. Click this button to lighten the picture if the sun is behind what you’re interested in

webcamStillSnapshot. Click this button to capture a still picture. You can then download that picture to your local computer if you want

webcamPanoPanorama. Click this button to control the camera by moving the viewing box within the panorama window

We’ve created several preset viewing locations. To see these, just click and pull down until you get the preset you want.