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tractorShowCoverEvery year, there are well over 225 antique tractor in the US. At each show – including the Wessels Living History Farm’s Tractor Engine & Auto Show – seemingly sane men and women bring out tractors that they have spent untold hours and sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars restoring. In this new video podcast, we ask, What about tractor shows drives men to the brink of madness? You’ll find this and many other video podcasts on our Media Resources Page.

Upcoming Events at the Farm

The Wessels Living History Farm south of York, Nebraska, has a full slate of educational and family fun events planned for this year. From the silly to the historical, you’ll find something of interest at the Farm site, 5520 South Lincoln Ave., York – just south of Interstate 80 and US Highway 81. Admission for most events will be $5 for adults, $4 for seniors, $3 for students with pre-schoolers getting in free. Here is the schedule for the upcoming year:

  • BarnDanceMay 31 – Wessels Barn Dance. During the early part of the 20th century, barns and farm homes around the Great Plains hosted dances that were well attended. (At right is a dance at a private home in Pie Town, NM, in the 30s.) This year, the Kramer Sisters band from Crete will recreate the flavor off the old barn dance at the Wessels Living History Farm. A rain date will be on June 1st. We have a new video podcast here that recalls the days when rural folks would create their own entertainment out of an empty barn floor, local musicians and a lot of dancers.
  • June-July – Summer School Classes. Education coordinator Dale Clark has scheduled a host of classes with area colleges and schools that bring students out to the farm to learn how to use historic artifacts in education.
  • July 20 – Model A Road-E-O. The Wessels Farm will host a special event for owners of Model A Ford cars from the turn of the last century.
  • October 4 & 5 – Wessels Tractor, Engine & Auto Show. For the third year in a row, the Farm is hosting its tractor show. The show has attracted an increasing number of vintage tractors, stationary engines and fascinating tools. We have a slide show of last year’s event here.
  • October 26 – Boo at the Barn. One of the most popular events this last year was this Halloween extravaganza. You can see a slide show of last year’s event here.
  • December 6-21 – Christmas on the Farm. The annual Christmas Open House will be presented during most of December. School and community groups, along with individuals and families have found this evocation of an historic Christmas compelling. Here is a slide show of one school visit last year.

You can also see a full circle view of whole farmstead as it nears completion in the summer of 2007. Please note that this is a large file and may take a while to download.

cropCam02Time lapse movie of planting corn and the growing season through the end of July
. This year, we have been recording a sequence of still photos of one section of the corn field south of the Wessels Living History Farm barn. This first movie takes you through the discing, planting, germination and growth of the corn.

edsiteRecognized! This Wessels Living History Farm web site was recognized as one of the “one of the best online resources for education in the humanities” by the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH). In December, a panel of reviewers voted to include this site on EDSITEment, a gateway to the highest quality humanities-related educational content on the Internet. We have more about this honor here. This recognition prompted the Omaha World Herald to say we are “A Virtual Must-See.” In addition, we continue to receive messages from folks across the country who are using the content and learner resources we offer. We’ve got excerpts from some of these e-mails here. It’s heartening to know that the material we’re working hard to provide is being used and appreciated – by almost 800,000 of you in 2005. Thanks!

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