Science & Math

Right around 1940, the productivity of the average American farmer more than doubled, and innovations in applied math and science was one of the major causes. These lessons explore the science of these agricultural innovations in depth.

  • Fertilizers & Grass Growth is a lab experiment designed to allow students to complete their own scientific research.
  • Household Chemicals & the Environment show students how common “contaminants” from their own environment can effect other species, specifically plants. This lesson is designed for higher grades than the fertilizer lesson above.
  • It’s All About the Roots! explores the effects of nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, sulfur and oxygen on root growth.
  • “Finding” Horsepower shows students how to figure out horsepower as a unit of power and how to chart the horsepower of various tractors.
  • A Model Aquifer will help students observe how water percolates to groundwater layers, how an irrigation well works and how contaminants migrate through the system.
  • Nature Notes invites students to experience and record nature through an out of classroom event.


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