[Question:] "Would you be able to do this [farming] without Vicky?"
     "No, she's probably the better half of the partnership, as most people would say. But no, she does the biggest share of my bookkeeping. I'll look through a bill, make sure it's correct, make sure its categorized right. She puts it in the computer. She gets the splits for repairs, supplies, fuel, what have you, in the right spot, prints the check out – and that's 12 months a year. And then six weeks a year she is the combine operator. She knows – Everybody knows how somebody clicks but she knows what makes me click. She knows what pushes my buttons and what doesn't. She knows how I like things to operate. She knows and she brings a lot to the table. She ran an auger wagon before she ran the combine so there are lots of things that make it more convenient for the auger wagon operator if she unloads in this section of the field versus that section of the field. She brings a lot of things to that combine operator that somebody who always runs the combine maybe lacks in some areas."
     [Question:] "Tell me about her job in town and how that affects the operation here."
     "She works two days a week in town. She had worked full time in town back when Grandpa was doing a little more work out here, and then – that was also prior to us having our family. Now her two days a week in town is kind of sanity for her. Don't get me wrong, she loves every minute that she's with the girls. But it gets her out and she's dealing with the business people in the town. They've got great respect for her; she has great respect for them. Everybody knows each other. That's worth worlds."
     "And then at harvest time there in town they know that our farming operation is our family farm. That's got priority. And they're very good with that. Where she works, they understand that. They respect that. They don't push her. They don't make her feel bad that she misses 12 days a week – or [rather] 12 days of work in the year because of that."
     [Question:] "Tell me again where she's working."
     "York County Title Company."

Chris Ziegler – Women on the Farm


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