"I would say that one of my girls will definitely be on the agricultural side of things, maybe it's not in commercial ag, [but] maybe it's being a veterinarian. She's just got the temperament or the mindset. [She] learns every day. Her first gilt just had pigs the other day. And we kept her home from school that morning while her gilt was farrowing, and she's on cloud nine. There's no bringing her down."
     [Question:] "Which is this?"
     "This is Shelby, the oldest one, first grader. Had 12 little pigs, and she learned more in that couple hours of being at home, hands-on, than several weeks of science class."
     [Question:] "What about Kalie?"
     "Now Kalie, she's an energetic little one that has got a mind like a steel trap. She's going to be an artist of some sort. She's always making cards, drawing, painting, bouncing around, dancing, singing. She's carefree. I could see her moving on to something else. And yet on the other hand, I could see her being content in the Midwest. But she'll be in a city setting, more likely."
     [Question:] "Are there enough opportunities for kids on the farm or in rural communities?"
     "There's been a big push [to] keep your kids local, [to provide] opportunities there. In York County it's there. If somebody – the only reason they're unemployed is because they want to be unemployed. There's ways that we can, we could make room on our operation – [with] the acres that we farm now – we could make room for one or two of them by diversifying. [Doing] some custom work. Equipment is expensive enough that maybe we need to specialize. 'I do a little extra work for you. You do some extra work for me.' So there's definitely ways to provide a job or to make a job."

Chris Ziegler – Raising Kids for Export


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