"There's a lot of investor money that is really starting to find its way into York County. Lincoln's expanding so much. When you sell your ground by the foot you can come out here and buy your ground by an acre pretty easily.
     "I bought my first quarter in the spring of '99. If I were to sell that quarter today it's probably doubled. So, in 1999 – in a little retrospect here – at the price I paid for that quarter, it 'cash flowed.' I mean, what I am putting into that quarter, with what I'm taking off for the crop, it's paying its operating [costs] and it's paying its land payment. Today, with the price doubled like that, it won't cash flow.
     [Question:] "Even with $5.00 [a bushel price for] corn?"
     "The inputs – Even with $5.00 corn, the inputs have followed the corn price itself."
     [Clyde Ehlers:] "But I guess harvest would be my favorite time of the year. You just – All the culmination of work done that year, why, you can see it going up in the grain bin! … I couldn't have worked on an assembly line doing the same thing every day and every day and every day. I would have probably went batty. But you're always doing something different [on the farm]."

Chris Ziegler & Clyde Ehlers – Urban Sprawl


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