"I got introduced to that back in the 70s and 80s already when the environmental groups were becoming more active. And I've realized that there were many people that needed a cause and they have a lot of money, particularly the movie stars and those kinds of people because they want a cause and so they'll donate huge amounts. But they really don't have an idea of what goes on in agriculture. And it kind of started out with the livestock. People being against livestock production and eating meat because they didn't feel that we were treating our animals properly. But I think, we always say that, 'We [farmers] live there. We use the food. We use the water. So we are probably the best environmentalists, farmers are, because we really care about what's going to happen to the future of our land and our environment.'"

Elaine Stuhr – Environmental Laws


Excerpts from Elaine Stuhr’s Interview:

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