[Question:] "Do you remember the Farm Strike Movement?"
     "Yes, I do."
     [Question:] "What did you think of it?"
     "Well, I thought it was one way, I guess, that people were trying to bring the plight of the farmer to the attention of the American public. And so people were – I remember we were not going to buy bread on a certain day, and these kinds of things. I remember the tractor parade that came to York and there were speakers. And I think really they were just trying to tell the public that things are at a critical state. And actually I think they traveled to Washington DC – tractorcades – and again it was a way to bring attention. And sometimes you have to do those things."
     [Question:] "Do you think it did anything? Do you think it was successful at all?"
     "Yes I do. I think that it made people realize that they shouldn't take their food for granted. That there was a situation in the agriculture arena that was serious. I think that it certainly did bring some attention [to the situation]. And I think there were probably some policy changes that did occur because of it."

Elaine Stuhr – Farm Strike Movement


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