"And I think that started – raising our children for export – in the 80s when I heard so many farmers would say, 'I don't want my son to come back to the farm.' And I think that started then. And now what's happened is that children do go off and receive an education, and there just aren't the jobs to match that education that they have back in the rural areas.
     "But I think that there are some bright spots. I think we are seeing more young people come back to some of these rural areas, particularly because of technology and that they can do whatever no matter where they are. They don't have to be in an urban area to accomplish the same kind of thing. So I think – I was just told recently about a young man from Imperial, Nebraska, who came back and started a telephone company. And he brought about ten of his young friends. And they have a grocery store, and one's an attorney and one's an accountant. And those young people were looking for some place to raise their family other than urban areas. So I think there are some bright spots and I think we just need to keep working and keep trying to encourage our young people to come back but also have some jobs available for them to come back to."

Elaine Stuhr – Raising Kids for Export


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