[Question:] "The EPA [Environmental Protection Agency] was formed in 1970. It's a little over 30 years old. How important are environmental concerns to the agricultural community?"
     "It's really shaping the way agriculture operates. It's shaping the way ethanol plants are designed and operated. So, as I tour a cattle operation where distillers feeds are used extensively, one of the first questions that comes up is about manure management, water runoff, odor control, a whole host of different factors that the livestock industry is facing today…
     "The fact is that it is shaping agriculture in fundamental ways by causing those who choose to raise more than a certain number of cattle in a one location, for example, to adopt a whole variety of practices. And these are good practices in terms of environmental safeguards. I think the smaller operations have always adopted those and understood the need be good stewards to the very areas in which they live. So, we're seeing a greater degree of diligence, a greater degree of attention and more requirements. And this is a cost that's imposed on the ag sector… The future has been charted by the environmental community and by the policy makers. It's an evolution that agriculture is coming to grips with, adapting to and will accommodate as time goes on."

Todd Sneller – Environmental Laws & Agriculture


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