"Actually when I came back the farm economy was not strong at that time and there was very few of my friends that came from the farms that did go back. And it was a little bit of a stretch for agriculture at that time. And I came back – we had a – it was worthwhile for me to come back. My wife also had a job that – Everything worked out to where both of us could be occupied in the same community. So – "
     [Question:] "But I don't know if you answered the question. Why? Why did you want to be a farmer? What was the attraction?"
     "That's a good question. You know, I guess it was probably the challenge. There's probably a little bit more of a challenge to agriculture than some jobs. I look at – I'll take my wife's job, for instance, as an accountant. She deals with mostly accounting issues – where you have to know a little bit of everything in farming. Not that we're really good at anything, which is probably our problem. I think we're going a little bit moving towards where you have to specialize. We have to know accounting, compliance and the regulatory issues, and pesticides and fertilizers. But there's quite a bit to it, and it is a challenge to wrap your arms around everything. It is a challenge every day to this day. It's not like anything you can master."
     [Question:] "Interesting. You have to be a businessman. You have to be a scientist. You have to be all of those things."
     "You have to be just about everything to get through the day."

Troy Otte – Why be a Farmer?


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