[Question:] "Are you concerned at all about genetically modified organisms?"
     "I guess I'm not concerned about that. I think that will be the next jump up in agriculture technology. The fact that the yields, from what I'm hearing, will go from an industry average, or a national average, of 150 [bushels per acre] to you know – I was at a meeting last week where a large crop provider said that their yield curves are saying that by 2030, we could see a 300 bushel average. As far-fetched as that may sound, they're saying the biotech era will be the new Industrial Age. And am I concerned about biotech? Biotech's been around for a long time. We've been eating tomatoes that have been genetically modified for about 30-40 years, or a long time, and there have been no concerns about that. I think we haven't heard those concerns. But we can provide a higher quality product to a consumer or you can provide maybe a commodity that has a different value to a consumer. I think it's going to be beneficial."

Troy Otte – Genetic Engineering


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