"I think that there will not an end to subsidies, and the reason why is because what happens in our farms is too important for the rest of the world. [It is] important in terms of the stability of our food supply, but also important in terms of the impact of what we do on our environment. So, whether we have control over what happens, or incentives for what happens for environmental benefits, or incentives for the reliability of our food supply, I think it's going to be in the tax payers' interest to support farming and therefore subsidize it. So I don't look for that to end."

Don Lee – An End to Subsidies?


Excerpts from Don Lee’s Interview:

The Bust of the 80s
Government Subsidies
The Internet for Ag
Immigration in Rural Am.
History of Hybrids
Preserving Genetics
Climate Change
Politics of Ethanol
Alternatives to Corn
Genetic Engineering
Bt & Roundup Ready
Patenting Genes
RR & Conservation