"I'm not an expert on farm programs. But, I think that the farm programs do dictate a lot of decision making that the farmers make. They see where if they subscribe to a certain kind of cropping practice there's a more reliable stream of income back into their operation if they go with farm-program-supported crops like soybean, like corn. Other businesses that are successful in this country have benefited from that as well. Take a look at our food industry. Really, our food industry has been a huge benefactor of the farm program because what it's done is made the raw material that they buy inexpensive and consistently available. And available at a high quality. And then they can add value to that in food products that we buy. So, our food industry has benefited mightily from our current farm program. I would argue maybe even more than farmers have."

Don Lee – Gov't Subsidies


Excerpts from Don Lee’s Interview:

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