[Question:] "When was the first time you saw the Internet?"
     "Well, again, I was in college. I was in graduate school at that time. And my first impression of the Internet was that it would only be something for the real computer geeks to work with. You know, you had to know all the codes and all the symbols. But then, these interfaces emerged that you could navigate by just clicking on things. Boy, it didn't seem to take very much time at all and the Internet was prevalent in how we, how I do business. And now, it's becoming a significant part of what I do as an educator."
     [Question:] "Tell me how."
     "Well, I've got segments of my course, sections of my course that I teach entirely online. And I can add my voice to little Power Point lectures, and my online students watch me over the Internet. Lots of times I'll make these lectures at home, and my son or daughter will be right on the computer next to me. I look at how they navigate on the Internet and the kinds of things that they do on the Internet. And I'm convinced the Internet is going to be blended in to how we communicate with each other and how we educate as a teacher, how we educate people, down the road."

Don Lee – The Internet & Agriculture


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