"Ethanol production is something we've known about for a long time. I think political decisions have really driven the ethanol industry. You know, having goals in our energy policy that include ethanol have really been the driver to increase the industry. I think if you're a producer, it's always a good thing when you have another customer that wants the same product. You don't have to change the product, and it's just down the road where you can deliver it to. So, if you're a producer I have a tough time seeing where ethanol is a bad thing. The only way a producer or a farmer could be at risk is if they invest a lot of their own money in that ethanol plant and it really isn't a well-thought-out longer-term economic decision. So, we'll see how it goes. My own prediction is that it will find its place in our production systems and it will be again that balance. Somewhere between the extremes that you talked about is probably where it will be. So, what it's done is it's created a bigger demand for corn and other grains, and therefore we're seeing the rules of supply and demand play out."

Don Lee – The Politics of Ethanol


Excerpts from Don Lee’s Interview:

The Bust of the 80s
Government Subsidies
An End to Subsidies?
The Internet for Ag
Immigration in Rural Am.
History of Hybrids
Preserving Genetics
Climate Change
Alternatives to Corn
Genetic Engineering
Bt & Roundup Ready
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