"Absolutely. They're just as important as the guy that's farming, maybe more so because I know a lot of the wives that take care of the other business besides being in the field. I also know a lot of wives that are in the field. One of the people that we sold for today, they have a newer John Deere combine. And what we were surprised at is she was the one driving the combine. The husband was getting rid of the corn, but she was driving the combine. So, I don't think there's an ounce of difference. I think the wives are just as important or more so because they keep the books straight, the majority of them do, and they're the partners in all this. They run for parts. They do all these things. So, without a doubt it's a 50-50 deal. There's no doubt…
     "A lot of these younger couples, the wives are working in town because of the insurance and still help out on the farm besides. So, they take on a pretty dog gone big role. I think we have a lot of that in our small towns, a lot of that."

Hank Kobza – Women in Agriculture


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