"The Internet is – for our business, I'll say that first – for our business it is just about a necessity because we have our own Internet site. And the Internet is very, very important. I think it's important in the farming end of things, too, because you can look on the Internet –
     "You know, it's like now, you take a box of encyclopedias, you can't sell them. Nobody wants them because you can go to the Internet and be specific and bring out exactly what you want to bring out and study it on the Internet. Whether it be in ag with chemicals, with whatever, if you know the right place to go, go to the right Internet site, and it will give you all the information you want. I think it's very important. I really do. And like I said, almost a necessity anymore…
     "You know, the crazy thing is that – the Internet site – you're talking to somebody on the phone and they're asking about a piece of equipment that you have on an auction, or whatever it might be. And they say, 'Well, I'm looking at the left side of the tractor here. And is there a dent there? Is that just the sunlight, or what is it?'
     "Well, I'm not on the Internet, so I don't know, you know, and I don't remember exactly that. So, you kind of think, 'Well, you see more than I do. I don't know.' [Laughs.] So, it's kind of nice.
     "I don't know how to operate it like my wife does. My wife is the one that – If I want something I say, 'Can you find it for me?'
     "'Well, yeah. You just do this.' So, she finds it for me."
     [Question:] "Do you remember your reaction the first time you ever saw a Web site?"
     "Couldn't believe it! I couldn't believe that something would come right into your living room or office or whatever you had, that you could bring it right into you and you just sit there and take a look at it. You know, I'm from the old school, yet, and I was amazed by it all. I really was. It still amazes me some of the things that happens on it."
     [Question:] "Who does your site now?"
     Bonnie does.""
     [Question:] "Really?"
     "Uh huh."
     [Question:] "She designs it, and all of that? She had to learn HTML and all that stuff?"
     "She did. She did. She took a class here at David City Public High School, an after-hours class, and she's one of those gals that, if it's something complicated she loves it. And she dove right in. So then she asked different people how to do this and how to do that. She went to the instructor and asked how to do the Web site and things. Then she designed it all herself. What's on the Internet site is her doing."

Hank Kobza – Internet Over Encyclopedias


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