"I've always lived on a farm all my life. You know [with my] folks and so forth. So, I've always lived on a farm. And it's awfully hard to take the farm out of you if you've been out there. There's some people that are in the urban area, they wouldn't come out here if that's the last thing they had to do. But, if you're brought up in it, you kind of have that feeling and that sense that, "Boy I don't know what I'd do if I had to go up to the urban area." And I'm not criticizing the urban area. It has its place and that's great. But it's good we all like something different, that we all don't like the same thing."
     [Question:] "With all of the problems that there are in farming, explain to somebody from an urban area why the Hell you want to stay out here."
     "[Laughs.] You know, that's probably the toughest question you've asked all day. I think it's the fact that they were born and raised on the farm."
     [Question:] "Oh, but come on, it's more than familiarity."
     "Yeah. But it's a lifestyle that they like, you know. You're out here on the farm. You don't go out every week and go dine out somewhere. Most of the time Saturdays and Sundays are just as busy as the rest of the week. So, you kind of stay more close knit, I think, than you do [in the urban areas]. I think most husbands and wives go the same direction, not different directions. And I think it's the fact of hoping that you can make a good living and be your own boss and still have a little money left at the end of the year. Instead of an 8:00 to 5:00 or and 8:00 to 4:00 or whatever, day in and day out. In the summertime you work your tail off. But if you get a rain, you thank God you got that rain. You take that day and you do other things. You do it a little bit slower. You don't have to hurry, and things like that. In the urban area, if it's raining, you're there. If it's nice, you're there. If it isn't nice, you're there. It's a little bit different lifestyle because most of the time you're your own boss and you can kind of deviate from being exactly on this machine or that machine or whatever. I think that's probably what has a little bit of – And I think the thrill of, if you raise a good crop there's certain amount of pride in it. You have some pride that you did a good job and you did have something good. I think that's probably not a good answer, but that's as close as I can hit it."

Hank Kobza – Living in the Country


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