"I grew up working in equipment. So I'll either – In the harvest, a lot of times, I'll [drive the] grain cart or shred or disk. Or I can do limited truck driving. I'm not a very good truck driver, but I can do it if I have to."
     [Question:] "Do you remember the first time you got on a tractor?"
     "Yeah, I do. I do. I was probably about 10 years old. Yeah, my dad, he ran six-row equipment so the equipment was a lot smaller back then than it is now. And I disked and grain carted for him when I was young. So I had to learn how to run larger equipment after we were married because Mark's equipment was a lot larger than my dad's…
     "For a girl, it's better than it was when I was growing up. We were really discouraged to look at agriculture as a career when I was growing up. They basically wanted you to be – you know, for girls the opportunities were nursing, teaching, you know, in those ranges. But now kids have the opportunity if you want – if you are a girl and want to go into agriculture there's a lot of different avenues to address rather just the basics that we were encouraged to look at as secretarial, things like that. It wasn't as common back when I was in school."

Valerie Kaliff – Women on the Farm


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