"I remember when I was in school there was a lot of them that were what they called a displaced farmer, at that time, and going to school that maybe changed [careers]. The times were tough, and they were looking at other options that they could go in to. Especially the dry land areas. It was a tough time for those operations…
     "But there were also opportunities at that time, as well. There was a lot of land that was starting to come up for sale because there was operations that were going to discontinue farming, or retiring. And so we knew there was probably some opportunities to start in as well, especially with the fact that we already had a lot of the things going for us, [like owning] machinery and land."

Mark Kaliff – The Bust of the 80s


Excerpts from Mark & Valerie’s Interview:

Farms Growing Bigger
Government Subsidies
Women on the Farm
Rural Lifestyles Today
Mysteries in the Country
Growing Monocultures
Efficiencies with Pivots
Mining Groundwater
Farm Equipment Innovation
Tractor Technology
Conservation Tillage
Computers on the Farm