"Our kids, a lot of times – even with our planter monitor and some of the technology – they can jump in and change things and set it way faster because they grew up with that technology of that computer screen and touch screen. And I always laugh about when one of the kids rode with me one time, and they showed me all the things that planter would do. And I said, 'Before you leave put it back the way I had it!' [Laughter.] And they just grew up with that technology. And we are kind of in the middle of it. We were old enough to remember how it used to be, but we grew up with enough technology that [we] kind of know what's going on or try and follow along. We know that the computer came in when we were a senior in high school. I really didn't think it was going to catch on but it did."
     [Question:] "Really?"
     "It just didn't look like it was going to be the deal. I mean a lot of people – They had one or two at the high school at the time, and it didn't look like it would ever come to be a 'needed' item every day."

Mark & Valerie – Computers


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