[Question:] "We talked about how tractors are so easy even wives can drive them now."
     [Valerie:] "Um-hmm. They're very wife-friendly. [Laughs.] They have come along with the cabs are a lot bigger. The shifters are very small and, you know, easy for a woman to change gears. They have a buddy seat in them so, if you want to have your child with you, you can. They can sit right beside you on their own little seat. And they are very, very accommodating for women to drive. Yeah, very comfortable. Not nearly as complicated. You know, everything is electronic and you can use it very easily."
     [Question:] "Are any of them 'joystick' controlled now?"
     [Mark:] "Oh, some of it, like your loaders are that way. And then some of the transmissions are that way where you can just, you know, the various positions push the tractor – "
     [Valerie:] " – a certain way."
     [Question:] "We haven't gotten to the point where we're not using the steering wheel?"
     [Mark:] "No, we still have the steering wheel."
     [Valerie:] "We still have the steering wheel."

Valerie Kaliff – Tractor Technology


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