[Valerie:] "When you come out to the rural area it is different. It is unnerving to people because it is so quiet and still, and you can hear the croaks of the frogs and the animals and the coyotes howl. And it is eerie for people if you're not used to it. We've had babysitters when our children were little that really, they would ask, 'Are you in the country because I'm scared to be out there alone.' So we had trouble sometimes unless you had a neighbor. If you went to town, some of those children weren't comfortable babysitting because it was so quiet and there was no one right next door. So, if you have a problem you were on your own. For us, it's normal."
     [Mark:] "They've never been around it, never been anything on dark road or unpaved roads. "
     [Valerie:] "There are no lights. I mean, when you look out, in town you have a streetlight. There are times in the country on a certain night there could be just as black as possible… When we come to town and are in a large city, we kind of feel those same things because we're not used to traffic noise and the commotion and the – it's a different environment."

Mark & Valerie Kaliff – Rural Mysteries


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