"We've got a lot of farms that we've had corn on for as long as I can remember. And we haven't seen it in this area. We haven't seen those kind of problems build up. I suppose there's that potential for that to happen. But I also kind of think (like I mentioned earlier) that that will change again. I mean I can't help but think that there might be – We know that beans are going to have to compete for this market, as well as some other crops are going to have to compete for those acres. And I think it'll change again. I think we'll see that. As well as, technology comes along that helps change some of those situations, whether it be insects or soil borne problems. And I think that'll probably stay in check just with time."

Mark Kaliff – Growing Monocultures


Excerpts from Mark & Valerie’s Interview:

Farms Growing Bigger
The Bust of the 80s
Government Subsidies
Women on the Farm
Rural Lifestyles Today
Mysteries in the Country
Efficiencies with Pivots
Mining Groundwater
Farm Equipment Innovation
Tractor Technology
Conservation Tillage
Computers on the Farm