"Oh, I think, Dave Wessels is probably one of the first guys that I ever met when I came to York back in 1976. He was a bachelor. Neat guy, real neat guy! He learned a lot from what was going on. He would be very truthful with you. Farmers sometimes have a tendency to maybe stretch or BS as somebody would say it. But if you wanted information from Dave, you would get the factual. He knew what was going on. Good farmer. Did a good job. He and his brother Ralph farmed together. And their older brother stayed at home and did the cooking. That was Dick.
     "He was up on what was going on. Didn't have the biggest equipment, but he had the best and, boy, he made sure it ran right. I'll tell you how, a little experience I had with Dave Wessels. We took over March 1st in 1976, and about the middle of the third week in March we had the darnedest ice storm here. We lost all our electricity. And oh gosh, the guy that was REA [Rural Electrification Administration] said that we could be out [of electricity] several months. Of course, we weren't though. It was a little bit of a scare. I wish he could have been a little more factual. But I got a generator so we could at least – We couldn't even use the phone down there without electricity. And then we had a little Cub Cadet [tractor] that we put a generator on it. We let the employees use it to go around and keep their freezers so they would be cold. And when it was at my place, the oil plug came out of that Cub Cadet, and we lost all the oil. Well, anyway, what I'm leading up to Dave with was – We put a new motor in it, and Dave bought that tractor, Cub Cadet. I forget I think it was a 120 and a lawnmower. That was probably my first experience of selling Dave something.
     "He read, he watched, he talked, he asked questions. He did, he really did. You could learn something if you just took the time to listen to Dave. And if you'd listen to him he'd tell you."
     [Question:] "How often did you see him?"
     "Just about, at least four times a week. He'd come in to the store, oh, at least four times a week and have coffee with us. And that would be, we always got – I've always been an early riser, and I'd get to work around 7:00 o'clock and by 7:30 Dave would be there. We always had coffee on and he was certainly welcome to it."
     [Question:] "What did he say, what would he talk about?"
     "Oh, what was going on. He would kid you, find out, try, to what's happening now. It could be the local events in town. It could be about his farming operations. It could be about a lot of things."

Jim Ermer – About David Wessels


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