"I appreciate the disaster payments. I appreciate the help that the government gives us. However, personally it is not that great of a deal for us. I cannot speak for others. I honestly wish they weren't there. I really do. But that's just me. I know there are others that without the government payment, without the, the LDPs – LDP meaning the government has a set price that you're going to get for your grain and if it falls below that price you can take an LDP on it and they pay you the difference – if they would. They also like, you know – people don't realize that food becomes a bargaining chip then, too. So while people assume that we're getting this free and clear, if they [the government] want to get mad at a country, they want to start sanctions, they're probably going to want to stop sending food. And then that hurts us. So they're using our commodity as a bargaining chip, which, I guess, kind of justifies what they, maybe I use that to justify what they do. But the government can be a real blessing and can be a real headache. Personally, if they weren't there and we could farm what we wanted to farm when we wanted to farm it without reporting, maybe the markets would stabilize themselves because everybody wouldn't know what was being planted and how much was being planted. The markets would come back under control."

Heather Derr – Government Subsidies


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