"We were watching the crop dusters the other day. And what used to be the gentleman on the end of the field with the flag in the air – he drove as the plane goes there then he drives a little further so when the plane turns around he knows where to be. That's how they used to mark it. Well, it's all GPS now. The spray rigs in the fields, it used to be, you know, you counted rows. You knew where you were and you drove and then you turned around. And you counted rows so you knew approximately where you were. Now, they're within twelve inches. My husband's tractor is set up for it and his cultivator can be set up for it. They have varying degrees. You know, 'For this price we can get you within 12 inches [accuracy],' which doesn't do you any good on a cultivator. 'But for this price we can get you within an inch and a half.' And you think 'Well, that's pretty nice.' You know, you know – Just learn to drive straight."

Heather Derr – Using GPS Tools


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