[Question:] "Tell me about drugs in rural America."
     "Oh, it's bad. It's bad. You like to think you're out in the middle of nowhere and nobody's going to get hurt. And then you find out they're using your anhydrous to create their drugs. They're everywhere. I don't know as if I honestly think it's any worse in town than it is out of town. I do honestly believe that on a farm kids probably don't have as much access. A lot of, you know, until they start driving, once they're home, they're home! You can walk a mile this way or a mile that way and you might see a tree, you might see a deer. But you're not going to run into a friend. So in that aspect, but once they start driving, they're gone, you know, just like in town. Of course, you do have your, your favorite party spots and you find them every time when you go up into that pivot to check that pivot or down to the pond to check that pond. The kids find places out. But drugs are there. It's really scary and it's become, they're becoming de-sensitized to it. Nobody thinks a thing about smoking pot. It used to be a big deal. You knew the potheads. Just like everything, as you get used to one thing, then you go a step further. Farm kids, generally, if they are on the farm – especially if there are animals – are usually a little busier, tend to maybe not get into as much trouble. But that's all personal, too. There are those that do."

Heather Derr – Drugs in Rural America


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