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Claas Tractors

  Claas tractor  
Claas KG was the third largest agricultural equipment company in the world in the late 2000s. In 2007, the German company had $1.9 billion in sales and employed 8,400 people worldwide.

Their tractors and other equipment were mainly sold outside the U.S., but in 1997 they started manufacturing their Lexion brand of combines for North America in Omaha. In 2001, a brand new manufacturing line was opened in Omaha and the headquarters for North American operations moved there, as well. CLAAS offers hay and forage products in North America as well.

Their products are usually sold under the CLAAS name and feature a lime green color scheme. They started in 1913 and originally concentrated on harvesters and claim they can pick up and thresh more than 80 different crops. Later they expanded into tractors, hay equipment, mowers and balers. In 2004, they bought the Renault tractor company in France and expanded their tractor line.

CLAAS tractors range in size from the Nectis at 54 HP, through the CLAAS Axos series at 100-120 HP, the Ares series up to 193 HP, the Arion series up to 175 HP, the Altes up to 275 HP, the Xerion Saddle Trac at 305 HP and the Xerion Trac up to 380 HP.

The CLAAS corporate world headquarters are now based in Harsewinkel, Germany.

Written by Bill Ganzel, the Ganzel Group. First published in 2009. A partial bibliography of sources is here.


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