"My Mom was a schoolteacher. Dad, when he wasn't farming, drove truck. And so there was times when, you know, both Mom and Dad were working. And we'd get home and we had to be in a hurry. And as a kid we couldn't wait for the TV dinners. We thought that was the neatest thing. And you know, they were neat and they were some of the foods that I really, I liked. And I wouldn't shy away from it today. But I think the novelty of it was a lot of the reason we did that. Open it up! The Swiss steak and the potatoes and the peas and carrots, and it was all right there ready to eat. And that's, that was kind of a real innovation for the time.
     "We could go home and pop that in the oven. [There] wasn't microwave then, but you'd pop it in the oven and heat it up. It was great! Chicken pot pies, a lot of, you know, convenience items. I don't know how nutritional they were but they had their place."

Paul Underwood – TV Dinners


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