"We'd used pesticides when I was growing up, but they weren't near as effective. And we had to, not only use the cultivator, but also hand-walked [the fields]. We hand-walked all our beans, up and down every row, and pulled every weed that the cultivator and the pesticides didn't get. We were the third line of defense. And you know, many other people got to chop weeds out [with a hoe], but my dad and uncle said, 'If you pull them out, they won't come back.' So, they were very particular that we pulled every weed after the pesticides and after the cultivator went through."
     Question: "Tell the truth. What did you think about that at that time?"
     "Well, that was one reason I was looking at other employment opportunities after that [laughs] because if you – On a hot 100 degree day, if you walk half a mile one way and a half mile the other way before you even got a drink of water, it wasn't an awful lot of fun. But some of the things that we did to have a little fun in that time, and since I was the oldest I got by with starting some clod fights. You know, you'd hit your brother or sister in the back with a clod as you're walking along. And of course, that usually, they usually retaliated. We had, at the time, it depends on who's winning the war, but sometimes we had fun with that. And sometimes I got into trouble over that. But it was one of the remembrances I have of walking soybeans."

Dan Stork – Pulling Weeds by Hand


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