"I guess one of the first cultivators Dad used was a little two-row cultivator and just basically took two rows. It seemed like it just took forever to do 40 acres. It was back and forth and traveling about maybe four or five miles an hour. And we were out there, you know, all day. And then we go to the four- and six- and eight-row cultivators, as time went on.
     "You had to watch closer, and had to have things set much better. You know, Dad was very particular, and we had to make sure that we had everything set right. And of course, you could be off a couple inches in the two-row [cultivator], and you were just off a couple inches. But if you're off two inches every row, and you get up to eight, of course, then you're 16 inches [off]. And I remember a few times having a little discussion with my Dad about all the corn that I cultivated out that I shouldn't have on a terrace. So, I needed to pay a little more attention. So that was definitely a learning experience. [He laughs.]"

Dan Stork – Driving a Cultivator


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