"We just felt that John Deere was the best performing tractor out there, and we had a good relationship with a couple of the local dealers where we were at. And I guess we felt to be continuous – or to be – to have the continuity for all your equipment that we were a John Deere family through and through. Not only tractors, but, you know, balers, choppers, combines. You name it, we were a John Deere family."
     Question: "That whole loyalty kind of thing, did that break up a community?"
     "There was a lot of discussions between the Internationals and the John Deeres, which were the best where it came to tractor pulling contests. That was always a fun event to discuss with relatives and neighbors and everything, you know, which one was better. And bragging rights, of course, for the next year a lot of times went with who won the tractor pulling contest."

Dan Stork – A "John Deere Family"


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