"I was probably seven or eight years old when I first got behind the wheel of a 4010 John Deere. It's probably the first one that I got to drive. We also had a 3010 and a 2010, but I think – we had a couple 4010s. And I think that was one of the first ones I drove regularly…
     "How many horses did it have? You know, probably over 100 horse."
     Question: "And what did you feel when you started out?"
     "Well, it was big. It was huge. You know, I was scared to death! But you know, Dad was right there with me so that I wouldn't run over anything. But after a while, it was pretty cool to be in charge of that big tractor when I weighed, you know, probably 60, 70 pounds. So, it was a feeling of power."

Dan Stork – First Time Driving a Tractor


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