"The assassination was tragic in so many ways because it cut him off at the height of his power, his abilities, his understanding of the job of the president, his ability to work with the Soviet Union, his ability to work with our allies. It cut him off and replaced him with a man who had no foreign policy experience and who took us in a different direction in Vietnam and otherwise. And it also robbed the country of a man who stood for hope – hope for young people who five years later were rioting. Hope for minorities who six years later were rioting. And it took out a man who had built up our defenses, yes, but who said in his inaugural address that he was building them up to a point that we wouldn't need to use them because if we had a sufficient lead nobody was going to challenge us militarily. But that build up was much worsened by the war in Vietnam. And our economy, as a result, was inflated. It was not as productive as it could and should have been when JFK was paying attention to it every day.
      "And then it was followed five years later by his brother's death and Martin Luther King's death, I might add. That just robbed this country of a special kind of leadership for which we paid dearly for years to come."

Ted Sorensen – JFK's Assassination


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