"There's so many lobbyists that go into Washington. Like I say, we went in every year. I sometimes sit back now and say, 'Why did we have to go in and spend all that money going into Washington. Why didn't we catch them right out here.' But it was a show of force I guess, as much as anything to walk up and down those halls of Congress. But today, I don't think any decision is made that the lobbyists aren't fully engaged in that thing.
     "Probably '69 when I was with the Pork Producers, we went to Washington DC for the first time to really look at how an organization – or how the organizations worked with the government. At that point in time the dairy industry, they were really about the only segment that was really getting, you know, subsidized. And I know the exec, the national exec from the Dairy Council came in and talked to us. And boy, you talk about a rude old boy. He didn't like the idea of us. All of a sudden, here's another commodity group coming in trying to work with the government because all of a sudden we might be stepping on their toes…
     "The political thing is extremely important."

Terry Schrick – Lobbying for Ag


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