"The opportunities weren't there. If you think back when I was really old enough to start farming, my intention was to farm. Well, of course, Dad didn't have that much. And with eight kids, you know, it wasn't the greatest as far as funding there. But you also remember that's when the Soil Bank [Program] came in…
     "The government paid you so much per acre. Now, this was in the 50s, the exact date I'm not sure. But I graduated out of high school in '56 so it was before that, right in the mid-50s probably. And so then normally, when you rented property – usually it was the man that was gone [died] first and it was widow ladies – they would cash rent that land. Some of them was half, you know, half the crop share. Some of them was 60-40. But anyhow, they never knew for sure, especially down in that part of Oklahoma, what those crops were going to make. And when they were guaranteed so much per acre by the government to idle that land, it was so much easier for them to go into that area. And that's where it started.
     Question: "Which means, for somebody like you who wanted to start out farming, the land wasn't there."
     "It took the land away. That's right. That's right."

Terry Schrick – Soil Bank Program


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