"I don't think we had nearly the amount of government involvement back in the 50s. Like I say, the soil bank thing came in, and that was the start of it that I can remember…
     "As this thing has progressed, it don't seem like any decisions are made without the government being involved… When I'm done here [with the interview], I'm going over to the – used to be the ASCS – Farm Service Agency, now. You get the letters saying you need to come in and sign up for this and this and this. And that place is always busy. So, I'd guess that just determining what you're going to do. For instance, they don't care if I put my acreage this year into all soybeans or corn or whatever. I just got to make those changes over there so they know what I'm doing.
     "And I guess that the thing that I look at on that that bothers me some is that, by doing – by being involved with these programs, what has happened? They know everything we're doing. They know when we blow our nose. And when I say they, I'm talking about the different parts of the U.S. government – the Ag Department knows exactly what's out here."

Terry Schrick – Government Programs


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