"The packer of course – the end deal is the almighty dollar. And he is looking out for himself. In the cattle industry the top four packers now control like 80 percent of all of the product that goes back out.
     "And the hogs aren't a whole lot different. There may be six packers control that amount. I can't remember that for certain. But in essence, it's the almighty dollar that makes the decision. We've gone through that period of where we wanted big hams and big loins. And we had animals back in the 60s and early 70s. Some of them animals weighed 190 pounds, and they still had that loin and the ham that we needed. But then when you done that, you didn't have the belly, which is the bacon, and everybody likes bacon. So the packer says, 'Hey, we've got to have a little bit more belly on these animals, you know, a little more depth of rib and so forth.' And then as I say, the cost of killing an animal – to them, whether it's a 220 pounder versus that 300 pounder – is more or less the same to them. But they have so much more product to sell. And that is what has really led the thing. But the dollar is still number one thing.
     "And the packers – In other words, they don't care if there's 1,000 people raising those animals or if there's 10 people raising those animals, as long as they got their numbers. And that is what's happened in agriculture. We've seen our organization going from a producer organization to a corporate organization. And by doing that the packer has put so many of our people out of business, just boom, boom, boom because they cannot compete."

Terry Schrick – Consumer Preferences


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