Question: "Are we raising kids for export in rural America? Is that one of the export crops from rural America?"
     "Well, the reality is, yes. Yeah, we've – In fact, I view it as a continuing subsidy of rural areas for urban areas as we invest a quarter of a million dollars in raising and educating a kid through college, and then they go someplace else and the benefits are there. I think it goes up and down, back and forth in terms of awareness and intentionality. I mean, certainly part of the selling point for a sales tax in Central City, [Nebraska, is] we've got to create an opportunity to keep kids in the community. And the whole economic development thing is premised, in part, on keeping the kids, but also being able to afford stronger school system. We've not yet reached a tipping point in terms of being able to hold or attract these kids. I mean, none of our kids are in the home community. One is in the state. The three who are prospering are in Ohio and Washington DC area."

Don Reeves – Raising Kids for Export


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