Question: "What happened with you in the Korean War?"
     "I was in college during that time and was a conscientious objector, which created some consternation at home. But the bonds were solid enough that that passed fairly quickly. But [it was] really uncomfortable in the little Baptist Church in Chapman where we attended. Just by coincidence, there was another fellow in the service from the church who was killed, I think, in an automobile accident about that time. Pretty hard for his parents and several other women in the church to tolerate my being a conscientious objector…
     "She was a gold star mother. And so a conscientious objector didn't sit well at all. And I can remember she and some of the other women who taught me – The earliest things I can remember in Sunday School were two little songs, "Jesus loves the little children, All the children of the world" and the other one, "God is Love." And when I came to the point where I needed to make those a central part of my life, they just couldn't tolerate it. Two or three of them died without ever speaking to me again."

Don Reeves – Conscientious Objection


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